About s2i

Creating a better world to live in by unleashing science

Our story

science2innovation connects academia and industry. Our platform enables scientists to translate research publications into actionable industry applications. We call those short translations, written in plain English, blitzcards.

Companies use the s2i intelligent search engine to browse blitzcards in order to find new technologies and the people behind them. The blitzcard connects companies to research specialists seeking to collaborate with industry either as employees, consultants or entrepreneurs offering their startup services.

Thanks to s2i, both worlds can finally come together in collaboration to help provide solutions to one another’s crucial problems while breaking down silos. Companies can grow their revenues, save money and stay competitive by introducing new cutting edge technologies coming from scientific research and developed by experts. Academics can find job opportunities and apply their research in a meaningful way within industry.

Beatrice on how s2i idea started: 

“I have been commercialising new tech coming from scientific research for almost 20 years. I’ve travelled the world from Shenzhen, Moscow, Tel Aviv, Munich to London and Silicon Valley helping companies hunt for scientific research and exceptional academics, to turn that science into amazing products their customers love. 

I’ve always felt that there was a wealth of untapped innovation and talent that I was only able to find coincidentally or though my personal network. It left me feeling sad how much researcher talent and innovation was wasted, how much companies reinvent the wheel and how companies often throw away their time and money by not communicating well with academics. Talented academics are being hired into the wrong positions, over and over again, and their work is not being deployed to its full potential. 

It was no surprise to me when I discovered that there are 165 million research papers in the world and 20 million academics but only 2% of the current technologies come from research conducted in academia.”

Our mission, Our passion, Our purpose

translating world research into actionable applications​...

...by connecting academia and industry through talent and tech.

Kris Jack, co-founder:

“I want to drive down the waste there is in academic research globally. Far too often, I hear researchers say that despite having deep skills, they find jobs that underuse them, and that too much of their research ends up on the shelf going nowhere. This is madness when there are so many companies in the world crying out for their talents and their research to solve real-world problems that make the world better for us all to live in.”


We are proud to work with Antler venture capitalist who believed in the s2i dream and gave us our initial pre-seed funding.

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