Case Study 1


Global manufacturer of semiconductors


Our customer had urgent need to cut down production costs. Following many months cutting down the cost of production including playbook actions like relocating production to cheaper locations, shrinking budget for additional services, slimming down workforce, outsourcing parts of R&D, our customer was still not satisfied with their efforts. Their customers are putting on massive price reduction pressure, while at the same; demanding more advanced and sophisticated products which need investment in R&D, and on a very short deadline. They realised that with their current efforts they are only scratching the surface and need a far more radical solution. So they turned to science. They read about new applications for their industry using different materials. They would have never thought about it since it was input from totally different industry. They contacted the scientists for more information about their discoveries. The company started to collaborate with the researcher using the expert hours option but eventually offered the researcher a full-time job and built a team of similar specialists around him. His new technology revolutionised the company approach to manufacturing their core products and saved them millions.

How We Helped:

science2innovation blitzcards provided new industry applications revealing entirely new way to look at our customer problem. Behind the solution was a specialist who was able to solve their problem. We helped our customer to solve their urgent pain point by providing new tech and talent.
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